The Landlord App

Are you a landlord or property manager looking for a simple, fast, on the go way to manage your rental properties? If so, The Landlord App is the tool you need. Being rental property managers ourselves, we know time is the most valuable commodity we have. The Landlord App was developed purely as a time saving tool to maximize the effectiveness of landlords and property managers who use it. Whether you are a new landlord, looking to become one or a long time investment property owner, you will be sure to benefit from using this property management application.

For those experienced property managers, no longer will you have to spend time transferring miles driven, rents collected or expenses paid from a log book to your computer. The Landlord App is a one time “Log on the Go” property management tool that exports all your data to a csv excel file via your email. This means come real estate tax time there will be no hours spent trying to remember details about tenant rents collected or adding up expenses paid, saving you time and frustration. Think of it as your personal assistant that is with you everywhere you go!

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The LandlordApp List of Features

    • Track Rent Payments by showing who has and hasn’t paid on one single page
    • Edit past and future Rents
    • Enter Rental Expenses and Repairs (roof repair, plumbing cost, Mgmt fees) all categorized in the same fashion as how the IRS requires.
    • Track what Bills have been Paid (Water, gas, Electric)
    • Mass Email or Text Tenants for invoices that rents due or going on vacation
    • Advertise Rentals Quickly on Craigslist (Maintain property add in the app and post it on the go)
    • Track and illustrate Cash Flow for Each Property (real time display of what you earn each month for one or all your properties)
    • Track Miles Driven (No need for a log book it keeps track of your miles for you)
    • Maintain Tenant, Lease and Mortgage Information
    • Allows you to use multiple devices i.e. phone or tablet by exporting your data – currenty only avaiable for Android
    • Maintains a back up of your data for when you buy new devices
    • Export financial and tax reports through email
    • Tenant screening service included for a reduced rate
    • Keep track of events with a built in calendar (schedule showings, keep track of when rent is paid)
    • User Manual on youtube:
    • Soon to come – multi unit support, notes function, and Work order capability

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What Everyone is Saying…

If you are using The Landlord app we would love to hear from you.   We will respond to all comments and questions.  And we love to hear how The Landlord app is making your live easier!

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The LandlordApp FAQ

Where is the data stored, on the sim card or on the phone?

The data is stored on the phone for iPhone. For Android the user has the option of storing data on the phone or on a memory card.

Is there a data backup and restore capability in case the phone is lost or stolen?

Both the iPhone and Android have inherent backup functions that allow for app data to be restored. At this time we have not tested it but according to the below links, app data is saved in the phone backup file. In addition to using the backup feature we recommend that you do quarterly or semi-annual exports of rental data.



What format is the exported tax data stored in?

All exported rental data is stored in a CSV file, which can be opened with excel. To load an exported report, Select the property you want to export data from, email the data to your email address, copy the text from the email sent from the landlord export function. Open windows notepad and paste the text from the email, save the file. Open excel and click on the open file funciton. At the bottom of the open file window change the file type option to “view all files”. Select and open your notepad file, excel will prompt you if you want to open this as a delimited file, say yes and select comma as the delimiter. Depending on how you want to set up your file you can change settings in the next couple of option screens to how you like. I skip through these steps and hit finish. The end product should look like this:

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User Manual Video

Learn about The LandlordApp and all it can do in the user manual videos below. These tutorials will help you get the most out of your new app. In the first two videos you will find step by step instructions designed for the users who wants understand the basic functioning of The LandlordApp. As new features are added, additional videos will be added to explain those features. Thanks for viewing!!

User Manual 1

User Manual 2

Data Back Up Tutorials:

These tutorials will show you how to use the Import/Export funtion. Within the import and export function there are two operations users can select 1. File 2. Synch. Part 1 tutorial will cover the File operation and Part 2 will cover the Synch operation.

The Landlord App Data Back Up Function – Part 1 Data file

The LandlordApp Data Back Up Tutorial – Part 2 Synch function

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