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The LandlordApp List of Features

The LandlordApp List of Features

The LandLordApp simplifies the process of managing your properties by putting all the necessary tools in the palm of your hand. Users no longer are dependent on their PC’s at home to track and access their business records.


    • Track Rent Payments by showing who has and hasn’t paid on one single page
    • Edit past and future Rents
    • Enter Rental Expenses and Repairs (roof repair, plumbing cost, Mgmt fees) all categorized in the same fashion as how the IRS requires.
    • Track what Bills have been Paid (Water, gas, Electric)
    • Mass Email or Text Tenants for invoices that rents due or going on vacation
    • Advertise Rentals Quickly on Craigslist (Maintain property add in the app and post it on the go)
    • Track and illustrate Cash Flow for Each Property (real time display of what you earn each month for one or all your properties)
    • Track Miles Driven (No need for a log book it keeps track of your miles for you)
    • Maintain Tenant, Lease and Mortgage Information
    • Allows you to use multiple devices i.e. phone or tablet by exporting your data – currenty only avaiable for Android
    • Maintains a back up of your data for when you buy new devices
    • Export financial and tax reports through email
    • Tenant screening service included for a reduced rate
    • Keep track of events with a built in calendar (schedule showings, keep track of when rent is paid)
    • User Manual on youtube:
    • Soon to come – multi unit support, notes function, and Work order capability

Knowledge is power!

Now you can instantly see who is late on rent, when your next lease is ending, or how much has been spent on repairs for each property. Never lose a tenants email or phone number again. Simplify everything you do by using one simple app that is with you everywhere you go.

One click advertising!

Set up advertising so that it is as easy as pushing a button to post a description of your property to an advertising website of your choice. Use your phone from anywhere to keep your advertisements on Craigslist or any website current!

Easy to use, fast, and reliable!

This app is created for the Landlord who manages or is beginning to manage his or her own rental properties. Over 8 years of experience managing and doing our own taxes has been put into this app. It is guaranteed to maximize your efficiency and simplify your property management life!

Tax time made easy!

The LandlordApp does everything you already do at home to manage your properties while keeping all the important information in the palm of your hand. Struggling to capture tax data? No problem. All the data stored is exportable to excel making it easy to do an end of the year tax summary. That means data entered such as Miles driven, rents collected, expenses paid, supplies paid, utilities paid are all stored in the app and able to be exported when needed for taxes!