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The Landlord App

The Landlord App

Are you a landlord or property manager looking for a simple, fast, on the go way to manage your rental properties? If so, The Landlord App is the tool you need. Being rental property managers ourselves, we know time is the most valuable commodity we have.  The Landlord App was developed purely as a time saving tool to maximize the effectiveness of landlords and property managers who use it. Whether you are a new landlord, looking to become one or a long time investment property owner, you will be sure to benefit from using this property management application.

For those experienced property managers, no longer will you have to spend time transferring miles driven, rents collected or expenses paid from a log book to your computer. The Landlord App is a one time “Log on the Go” property management tool that exports all your data to a csv excel file via your email.  This means come real estate tax time there will be no hours spent trying to remember details about tenant rents collected or adding up expenses paid, saving you time and frustration.   Think of it as your personal assistant that is with you everywhere you go!

Our goal in developing The Landlord App is to pull together all the tedious administrative aspects of rental property management into an automated simple to use smart phone application so users can quickly enter and retrieve data.  It has been an evolving process in which we continue to add additional features as our Landlord Users make outstanding recommendations.  Without a doubt, the functional capability and benefit of having a property management software application on the go has proven to simplify our landlord lives.  Below are some of the key features and benefits of The Landlord App: – for a full list of all the features be sure to click on our features page

Track rental payments received by checking a box on your property list or by filling in a partial payment field that can be adjusted as new payments are received.  Each rental property that has paid in full is illustrated in green text allowing you to quickly identify which properties you will need to send a late rent reminder to.

Post and manage Craigslist rental property listings!  If you are looking to lease your property, you can quickly post an advertisement to your favorite rental “For Rent” website.  With our application, we make it easy to advertise to sites like Craigslist on a regular basis to ensure your listing is the most current.  You can even easily check up on responses!  Being that this can all be done from your cell phone it allows you to stay on top of your business while doing things like vacationing!

Get an instant snapshot of your financials!   If you want to check the amount of money a rental property is netting or the total cash flow you are receiving for all your properties, it’s as easy as pushing the Financials Summary button. The Landlord App will also graphs your profits, allowing you to quickly determine which property is your biggest money maker.

Track your rental property expenses! Quickly enter and track repair cost, utility cost, and other costs for each individual rental property so that you know how much is being spent on each property and what your monthly cash flow is. This is an easy to use way of logging and managing all of your business expenses while on the road.

If you are a landlord with multiple rental properties, The Landlord App is the tool you have been waiting for.  It simplifies the property management side of being a landlord, helping your business run smoother with less effort on your part.  After using it for a month you will wonder how you ever got by without it! The Landlord App is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android equipped phones!  Our ultimate goal is to make it easy for landlords to be successful and efficient using a device they carry with them daily!  Download The LandlordApp today!