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The LandlordApp Idea

The LandlordApp Idea


About Our Team

The Milner Group LLC, Chris and Rob, are the creators of TheLandlordApp.  We both acquired multiple residential properties during the real estate boom in the middle of the 2010 decade when housing prices were at their peak. Competing with the new lower rental rates of today requires us to be very resourceful property managers.

Managing our properties proved to be a bit more challenging than we had imagined or were lead to believe by the numerous real estate books read.  We tried everything from residential management software to a short stint with two management companies, but none proved to be without problems.

The biggest issue was no one seemed to care as much about our properties as we did.  We ultimately settled on doing things ourselves using Excel to track and manage our rental data.   Excel works well assuming you are at home and remember to log in all the details of your day. This takes time and is usually the last thing either of us want to do after working on a rental.  On top of that, we are spoiled by the “there is an App for that” syndrome.  Keeping written records and logging data at home does not make sense for the landlord working in the 21st century.

In the summer of 2010 while on a repair call for a leaking roof, it was realized while logging miles into my record book, this would be the first of two times I will have to note this event in my rental records.  “Why can’t this process be simplified with a onetime data entry that is automatically totaled for me?” 

TheLandlordApp is a Smartphone application born directly from 8 years of personal property management experience.  We have put all the tools we use to manage our properties into this application to make it the most complete software tool available for rental management on a smartphone.  Our team is continuously striving to improve the app as more and more users with different Landlord needs recommend new features.    We take great pride in The LandlordApp and trying to make it the best App on the Market.  If you are already a user, we thank you for your patronage and if you are not, we hope you join our network.  To Make sure that we keep on top of things, we have established a Forum for our Users to write in recommendations and ask questions. Feel free to use the forum or our online video user manuals to become more familiar with the app.  We hope you find The LandlordApp as useful and beneficial as we do!


Rob and Chris