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User Manual Video

User Manual Video

Learn about The LandlordApp and all it can do in the user manual videos below.   These tutorials will help you get the most out of your new app. In the first two videos you will find step by step instructions designed for the users who wants understand the basic functioning of The LandlordApp.  As new features are added, additional videos will be added to explain those features.  Thanks for viewing!

User Manual 1

User Manual 2

Data Back Up Tutorials:

These tutorials will show you how to use the Import/Export funtion.  Within the import and export function there are two operations users can select 1. File 2. Synch.  Part 1 tutorial will cover the File operation and Part 2 will cover the Synch operation. 

The Landlord App Data Back Up Function – Part 1 Data file

The LandlordApp Data Back Up Tutorial – Part 2 Synch function